Friday, August 2, 2019

Why Microsoft Q# out of all the available options for Quantum Computing?

What sets Microsoft Q# ahead of the competition?

Why Q# and Microsoft?

We have a mature Quantum Development System at IBM.

Google's D-Wave tops the scaling competition.

ProjectQ has a simpler syntax.

So why did I go for Microsoft? And Q#?

There's a simple answer.

Q# is the only truly hybrid development system in the market currently.

Quantum computing can be complex.

To code in quantum, you need to know a lot of very advanced physics.

But my belief is that the most optimal solutions will come when combining quantum systems with classical systems.

Working with hybrid systems, in my view, is the fastest and simplest way to achieve quantum supremacy as soon as possible.

And Q# is the only Quantum Development Kit available today that has a hybrid architecture.

All other offerings are either purely quantum or ridiculously specialized.

Hence my choice of Q#.

We can code quantum and classical code in the same source project system.

VS Code and Visual Studio support doesn't hurt, either.

And guess what? My first project is Quantum AI.

This should be fun.